Friday, September 30, 2011

Corrupted India's Congress Govt.2004-2009, 2009 - ? - Cartoon

So many scams, corruption, partiality, Black money dealers, etc, who are looted India and trying to sale Bharath to forgiveness. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

BJP's role for future

BJP Leaders will go to grass route level &
Act against Corruption, Price rise etc.

Congress led Central Government faces so many problems, but BJP didn’t utilize it properly. The oil price rise and corruption are the main problems in this country. The commons men/women are very seriously affected it and angry against the ruling parties like Congress. It is a golden chance to use the people’s anti-congress attitude for the rise of BJP. I thinks that BJP leaders are now looks only the media. If they shout against Congress through media, they thought that their duty is over. There is only speeches and no action. So those who act against the government on street, there is huge support from people. It is the best example of satyagrahas of Swami Ramdev and Anna Hazare, who gets the unbelievable public support.

            When the oil companies are increases the price of petroleum, there is only heard the press conference speeches from BJP leaders. Except, Kerala BJP held a Kerala State Harthal on Sptember 17, 2011 against the petroleum price hike. Why BJP didn’t lead a Bharat Harthal on this issue? Or at least held strong continuous agitations in all states, BJP lead states (Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh etc) and New Delhi?

            If BJP introduces the strong agitations against Congress led Central Government all through the country. It will get the support of people on every section. All people from every religion, cast, language, men, women, SC/ST/OBC, rural, urban, BPL, APL will follows the BJP’s strong strike against corruption, price rise, unemployment, poverty, landlessness etc.

            BJP leaders will travel across the country’s every corner and spread the anti-government attitude on people that will help the election on 2014. Don’t believe only media coverage. They didn’t represent the whole people living in backward areas in India. The BJP leaders directly approach the villagers’ and touch with their hearts. The grass-root political work will help the election win.

            At first make unity in party and leaders. Don’t speak the leaders on different tone. If there is no unity in BJP party, then how party will unite the whole country against congress. So avoid the personal short sights and think widely and work for the good and healthy future of our Bharatmata. Different views and complaints are only express in the party meeting and avoid express it on media. It is harmful to the good future of party and Bharat.

            Don’t allow to hijack the political issues to pseudo social activists, foreign based religious & NGO groups, naxalits etc. BJP will reach all corner of the country and spread its national views to the common people who are politically, socially, ethically, religiously avoided. Expand the political basement from Delhi to remote villages. So given the mantra to all BJP leaders to go to villages and work with them and not only in AC rooms in towns. This will help to achieve the India’s rule. Don’t waste time to discuss who is the future Prime Minister? It is the matter arises only when BJP will win the election. Don’t allow the media to discuss it for spread anti-BJP attitude on people. On 2004 and 2009 everybody discuss on BJP’s Prime Minister Post, but what happens BJP dramatically fail on the election. Don’t repeat the same history again.

            Try to spread a message that BJP is the only common people’s party, who are nationalist, patriotic, honest, etc. A positive attitude is helps BJP for its good future. If BJP leaders will try to aware the people on their originality and strength, they were support BJP. Start a all India movement/agitation against the corrupted ruling Congress Central Government  and pressurize them to resign the government and conduct a new election otherwise built-up a new BJP led government in central. So expand the political basement of BJP in new areas and also find out new strong allies in various states. In this way expand the political strength of BJP. People in India were angry against the corrupted Congress. They want an immediate change in centre. This situation is help to BJP. There is a bright future for BJP, if they will utilize it cleverly and honestly.

Sudhir Neerattupuram

Thursday, September 22, 2011

BJP demands Home Minister P Chidambaram's resignation: : 2G scam

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Thursday demanded the ouster of Home Minister P. Chidambaram and said the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) should investigate his role in the 2G spectrum scam. 

The opposition demands came after Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy Wednesday submitted to the Supreme Court documents indicating that Chidambaram, as the then finance minister, was involved in deciding the 2G spectrum price along with jailed former communications minister A. Raja. The documents filed by Swamy included a communication of Jan 30, 2008, by the department of economic affairs of the finance ministry recording the gist of the meeting between the then finance minister Chidambaram and Raja. "This clearly proves that the role of P. Chidambaram in as finance minister in the 2G scam is responsible,"BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi told reporters here. "Either he should resign himself or he should be dismissed, I demand it strongly," he said, adding that there should also be a CBI probe. His colleague, Rajiv Pratap Rudy, said that the matter had been raised by the BJP earlier as well. "...It was raised by the BJP but was not heard. It was only heard when the Supreme Court intervenes. We have raised this issue again and again," said Rudy. In a new twist to the second generation spectrum case, a note to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) from the finance ministry said the airwaves could have been auctioned in 2008 if Chidambaram, then the finance minister, had "stuck to his stand". In the note, the finance ministry says Chidambaram could have prevented spectrum from being given away at throwaway prices by insisting on its auction -- alluding that presumptive losses worth thousands of crores could have thus been avoided. The note, which was apparently shown to Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and accessed by way by an application under the Right to Information Act, was prepared by a deputy secretary in the finance ministry and sent to the Prime Minister's Office March 25.

RSS to issue legal notice to Ramesh Chennithala & P.C Vishnunadh

Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) Kerala State Sanghchalak (President) P.E.B. Menon send court notice through advocate to Kerala Congress Kerala State President Ramesh Chennithala and Chengannur MLA & Youth Congress Leader P.C. Vishnunadh for spreading lies against RSS. 


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has decided to send legal notice to KPCC president Ramesh Chennithala and Youth Congress state president P C Vishnunath for their ‘reluctance’ to withdraw their statements defaming RSS that it was behind the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

Speaking to ‘Express’ over telephone, RSS Prantha Kariavah Gopalankutty Master said that as KPCC president Chennithala failed to come out with any credible evidence to prove his allegations against the RSS, a leader of his stature should have shown the propriety to withdraw the statement.
‘’Ramesh Chennithala may have wanted to project himself as an anti-RSS leader to mobilise a minority vote bank for him. But Justice K T Thomas was a man known for his indisputable impartiality as a judge. A Padma Bhushan awardee, known for his independent stand on various issues, his stand that RSS was in no way connected to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi was a historical fact,’’ the RSS leader said.
It was in his presidential address at a Gurupooja function, which was also attended by RSS chief Mohan Bhagavath in Ernakulam on August 1, that Thomas, a former Supreme Court Judge, said: “The mere fact that the assassin happened to be a member of the organisation once upon a time could not make the disciplined organisation responsible for the murder of the Father of the Nation.’’ He also had reasoned that had it been so, can any one could say that the entire Sikh community of India was responsible for the murder of Indira Gandhi.
Gopalan Kutty Master said: K T Thomas, a churchgoing Christian as claimed by him, former judge of the Supreme Court, giving clean chit to RSS might not be digestible to Chennithala who always wanted to play vote bank politics by speaking against the RSS. But Thomas cited the fact that Justice Kholsa of the Punjab High Court had exonerated RSS in the Gandhi assassination case. The Justice Jivanlal Commission, instituted by the Central Government in 1966, also had found no evidence against the RSS. Jawaharlal Nehru had engaged the then Home Minister Sardar Vallabhai Patel to conduct an inquiry into the role of the RSS in the assassination.

As the allegations were found baseless, the Centre had lifted the temporary ban imposed on the organisation, the RSS leader said. He said justice Thomas cited these facts to prove his point. But Chennithala could not offer any credible point to counter these historical facts. Youth Congress leader Vishnunath also parroted his leader’s allegation

Anti-Hindu circular from Muthoot Fincorp to it's staff

Muthoot Financial Group is a notorious Blade Mafia from Kerala owned by Muthoot family. Muthoot They are also one of the prime sponsors of Delhi Daredevils, the IPL team.They have their offices across main cities across the world and in India along with small towns in Kerala.High profile murder of Paul Muthoot had hit headlines couple of years.

A recent circular issued by Muthoot group have now courted controversy because of it's Talibanic nature of strict warnings in the name of dresscode.

Attached the circular which is of self explanatory. The circular bans Hindu lady staff from wearing bindhi and sindoor which is of religious significance and also prevents staff from having sandalwood paste or Rakshabandhan.

It is up to Hindus to decide whether they still want to run to their nearby Muthoot branch to submit their Gold valuables or to have any business with them who thinks such Hindu symbols are anathema to their business.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cheating of Central Congress Government & Oil Companies in India

   The Oil companies in India are hiking the petroleum prices. They and central Congress Government are told that the exchange rte of Dollar and Rupees are high, so are forced to increasing the prices. But it is a big lie and nonsense. Last time they told that the International price of Crude Oil is very high, so they are increasing the price and when the crude oil price is decreases they will reduce the prices also. On 2011 May 11, central Government increases the Petroleum price,  at that time the Crude oil price is 100.10 dollar per barrel. The exchange value of Rupees against dollar is Rs. 45.16. That means the Crude oil price is Rs. 4521/barrel ($100.10 X Rs. 45.16). Now, the Crude Oil price is $ 86.85/barrel and the average exchange price of Rupees against Dollar is Rs. 46.52. So the present price of Crude oil is Rs. 4040.26 ($86.85 X Rs. 46.52). It is very clearly shows that now the difference between May 11 and September 16, 2011 of Crude oil is only Rs. 480/barrel. Now the profit is increased, but they are explaining that there is huge lose to oil companies, so they are forced to increase the prices. It is clearly proves that the Central Govt. and Petroleum companies are cheating the people in India. They are looting/pick-pocketing the common people. 
            The Central Government Ministers are telling that the prices are increased by the oil companies. We have no connection with it. It is a big lie, because when the oil companies are trying to increases the prices before the state elections, Govt tells them to stop the action and also when the Parliament is going on, that time also they didn’t hike the prices. It means that the Oil companies are increasing the prices after getting the clear instruction from central Govt. But the government saying that, they are innocent. It is clearly prove that the PM Mr. Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and their team are big liers, anti-people and robbers.
            Reduces the prices of Petrol and gas and also withdraw the right to increase or reduce the prices of petroleum products from Oil companies. At present the highest price of petroleum in the world is in India. Government takes the 40% from petrol price through various taxes. If avoid this taxes the petrol price will reduce from Rs. 69/- to approximately Rs. 41.40/liter. 

Teesta Stelwad’s hysteria

            We are watching the debates on CNN / Times Now channel about Sri. Narendra Modi’s fast held in Ahmadabad from September 17-19, 2011. The so called secularist, humanist, social activist Teesta Stelwad’s body language, presentation, talking, actions etc are clearly noted that she has some mental problem. Every time she didn’t allow the other persons to express their views. She is trying to shouting them and disturbs their presentation. She forced to others when she will talk all of them listening to her and if others talk she will interrupt them. Her attitude is all others are agrees her views. Her presentation in all debates very clearly shows that she is a Sadist, Barbarian, Stalinist, anti-democratic, Nazist, communalist, etc. She is a wrong woman to include in a debate with different ideologists. Because, she didn’t allows any others to express their viewpoints. In a debate there is right to all others to express their arguments and others are hear it silently. After his/her presentation there is chance to others express opposite or supportive views. Teesta Stelwad does not accepting these process, because she is a feudalist. So it is good to avoid her from positive debates. She is a burden to everybody. Her views are coming from her haste to Hinduism. She didn’t accept the democratic styles. She tells more about the humanity, but it is a big lie. Her humanity is only to Muslim fundamentalists and anti-Bharat elements. Nobody will accept her views and attitudes except ‘Desh Drohis’ (anti-national). All of her old colleagues and followers are left her and publically open-up her real face and hidden agendas. She is a dangerous woman in India and world.