Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sleepin Prime Minister

Now, again the CAG report proves another big scam of the UPA Govt. under Manmohan Singh's rule, who is controlled by Soania Madamma. The scam is approx. Rs. 1,94,00,000 crores..!!! After 2 years the Congress Govt. will sell our country to foreigners. We will become debtors & slaves. React now to save our economical freedom and our nation's future generation from country debt.......

Assam problem

Bangla Muslim infiltrators attac Bodo villages, torch houses, hamlets

Gogoi of Congress acts like modern-day Nero

50 killed, over two lakh homeless in make-shift camps
Reports from Jagadamba Mal, Jyoti Lal Chowdhury and Rahul Mathur in Assam.
Located on the Western edge of Assam along the state border with West Bengal on the West and Bhutan on the North, Kokrajhar distt. is a cauldron of simmering communal tension. Four major clashes over the last 60 years—involving Bodos, the first settlers, Bangladeshi Muslims and tea-garden labourers—have been born out of mistrust among the communities. The mistrust is based on land.

$img_titleThe current clash is also a result of mistrust, the seeds of which were sowed on May 25 when a NDFB militant was killed at Howraguri in Kokrajhar distt while extorting money from Muslims.The slain militant was not only found to be fake but he was a Muslim as well. On June 30, a Muslim carpenter was killed in Sapkata in the district and all the people of community took out the body of deceased and blamed the Bodos for the crime. The killers were later found to be members of an Adivasi militant outfit. On July 5, two more Muslims were killed at Antihara under Dotoma police station in the district and this time, too, the killers were not Bodos but  from the Kamatapur Liberation
Organisation (KLO). However, the Muslims’ backlash against the Bodos only gained momentum which culminated in the killing of four Bodo youths on Friday-the July 20. The next day, three more Bodos, all elderly persons, were  killed. 
The Hindu (Bodo)-Muslim communal clash which broke out on July 20 in Kokrajhar district has claimed atleast around 50 lives officially, though unofficially, the toll is reported to be at least 100 (till 25.7.12). Nearly two lakh
people are rendered homeless who are leaving in 128 relief camps. Nearly one thousand houses from over 50 villages are burnt to ashes and properties worth several crores have been destroyed. The army has staged flag march in four district of Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baksa and Dhubri. Eleven trains including Rajdhani Express were cancelled and 15 other regulated. The 30,000 passengers were stranded in New Jalpaiguri and Kamakhyaguri stations. The current
violence has drawn the Bodo Hindus and Muslim communities into the vortex of communal violence. Several questions are raised as to why the violence has spread like wild fire during the past 48 hrs. It appears that Bangladeshi Muslim migrants have been preparing for long to display the combating and striking strength. Kokrajhar has a population of around eight lakhs of which a little over one lakh are reported to belong to Muslim migrants. The fear of being swamped by illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators, who have been getting easy ingress from other parts of Assam, also exists among the Bodo Hindus as with the other communities in Assam. The Muslims have posed a serious threat to the very existence of Bodos. And the state Government is miserably failed to check the Muslim influx because it is their vote bank. It is pertinent to point out that the population of infiltrators from Bangladesh who have  succeeded in permanently setting down in Assam, has become a major issue. This may be seen from the fact that out of 23 districts in 2001 census, six districts—Dhubri (74.3 per cent), Barpeta (59.3 per cent), Hailakandi (57.6 per cent), Goalpara (53.7 per cent), Karimganj (52.3 per cent) and Nagaon (51 per cent)- have a Muslim majority population. In Marigoan, they constitute 47.6 per cent and in Cachar 36.1 per cent. In 8 of 23 districts, they constitute
a very small proportion ranging from 1.6 per cent to 8 per cent. Another point that has been noted with regard to Kokrajhar is that Muslim migrants have been used in the similar way by foreign forces to turn Assam into a Lebensraum.
These Muslim forces who are well  entrenched within Bharatvarsh’s northeast, have created their armed cadres to suit the insurgency prone region. And it is alleged that armed Muslim cadres are used to foment the clash. The foreign force is alleged to instigate the migrant Muslims on communal line. It is strange to notice that when Assam is burning because of attack from Bangladeshi Muslim migrants, the national media has just reported casually. The Central leaders too  appear very casual in their approach. And where are the Human Rightists activists? It seems that  they don’t find any violation of human rights of Bodos by Muslim infiltrators and by the state sponsored Muslim terrorism. How strange?

Burning of Assam and the burning issues behind

AFTER turning into a basket of Bangladeshis, the unabated influx continues, Assam is now feeling the heat of socio-economic tension and conflict, a warning repeatedly given by sociologists, but ignored. Bodo Territorial Areas District (BTAD), located on the north bank of Brahmaputra and on the foothills of Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh, is again on boil.

$img_titleBodos and Muslims have come in for clash, taking a volatile, violent and bloody shape. Till date more than 50 lives officially have been lost and more and more dead bodies continue to be recovered. Over 1.5 lakh people belonging to Bodo, Muslim, tea tribe and other tribal and non-tribal communities have been rendered homeless and sheltered in relief camps. Thousands of villages across the three districts of Kokrajhar, Chirang and Baska have been set on fire. With the coalition government of Congress and Bodo People’s Progresive Front at Dispur, the capital, caught in quandary, the security forces have been finding it difficult to tackle and control. Neither round the clock curfew nor the flag march by army could douse the flame of hatred and enmity. If the UPA-II rule is a trailer of scams and scandals, Gogoi government III has set the worst example of misrule and mis-governance with open loot of central funds, stagnant  development, disconnect ministers and MLAs of the party from the masses, thousands of illegal migrants from across the border making a vanishing act, unchecked encroachment of forest lands and tribal belts and even buffer zones around  the Kaziranga National Park and wild life sanctuaries under pressure along the state and its administrative machinery on drift along with deteriorating law and order. The fall out of such ill governance is quite natural. The waves of violence that started on July 20 continued to sweep the BTC (Bodoland Territorial Council) areas. Rampaging mobs from both the Bodo and Muslims dared to defy all sorts of prohibitory orders. The violence did not trigger all of a sudden. Sequences of events involving both the communities gave enough indication of confrontation. Just a few days ago, two student leaders of minority community were badly thrashed by Bodo miscreants.  It was retaliated with the merciless killing of four former Bodo extremists belonging to Bodo Liberation Tiger. What people could realise about the impending violence, the government, the administration and the intelligence just preferred to sleep over it. To say that it was the immediate cause would be a wrong assessment of the situation. The background for another bloody clash was building up. Bodos assertive to protect their identity and culture found themselves
being swamped by aliens. The coming into being of BTAD on February 10, 2003 did not end the conflict. Rather, it created resentment among other tribal and non tribal groups. The Bodos got the territory they wanted without finding a solution to the problem that has been haunting their territory. The very composition of the Autonomous Council with 46 seats has sent a wrong signal as the non Bodos have been accusing of their disproportionate representation.

$img_titleWhile 30 seats have gone to tribals, 5 to non-tribals and 5 to all communities, 6 of them are to be filled up by the Governor. This has generated the fear-psychosis among the non Bodos of losing their identity, social and economic as well as political rights. Apart from the resentment among the non Bodos, the Bodos have genuine fear of losing their identity. The root cause is not seriously thought of by the policy makers and the government at the Centre and the  State. Talking to Organiser, Aditya Khakhalari, general secretary of All Assam Tribal Sangha, based at Guwahati, when asked about the causes behind the frequent clashes between the Bodos and Muslims said over telephone, “The root lies in shrinking land  mass of the Bodos in the forest and tribal belts due to encroachments by outsiders. This has been continuing since the 60s under successive Congress and AGP governments.” Bodo Tribal Council chief
Hagrama Mahiliary too blamed Bangladeshis for the communal clash which he described as a ‘third force’. The clashes spilled over to Dhubri, known as the hot bed of illegal migrants, with backlash which convinced him to say that hard line Bangladeshis are crossing over the Brahmaputra to reach the Muslim dominated districts of Dhubri and Goalpara with mischievous design. His urgent demand was for sealing the border of Kokrajhar, Dhubri and Goalpara with Bangladesh. Promod Boro, president of All Bodo Students Union, too echoed, “Deep conspiracy has been hatched by Bangladeshi elements who are adding fuel to fire.” It is no secret that on the Dhubri front, Islamic extremist
groups have been active for some time in the past, making easy access from Bangladesh through the porous border. It is also on record that some Huji operatives were caught by police sometime ago. It is not only the Bodoland, the
ground for ethnic clash exists in Karbi Anglong, Dima Hasao district and other tribal areas. Tea tribes, Koch, Rajbongshis, Marang, Matak and Tai Ahom even after long agitation have not been granted ST status. Their anger and anguish is compounded by the loss of their traditional land.
After all the mayhem, carnage and genocide, both the Centre and the State have realised that it was all due to ‘security lapse’. Thousands homeless would be rehabilitated, dead would be compensated by Rs. 6 lakh each and those in relief camps would be well looked after till they returned home. The assurances and promises would continue as it has always happened to wait for the repeat of another blood-shed. But, no serious and sincere effort to reach the cause of the crisis.

Yesterday Kashmiri Pandits, today Bodos, Tomorrow You

The Islamic fundamentalists attacks Hindus for last so many centuries. Hindus become slaves and forced to run away from their own homelands. Yesterday Kashmiri Pandits run wasay from Jammu Kashmir, today Assam's Bodo Tribal Hindus run to r...
eleife camps. Remeber that tomorrow you will be the next victim. So to avoid this danger now you will react against the anti Hindu movements in any part of the world. Don't fear about it. You are the Lions in the world..!!!

Its Kashmir: Miltants threaten acid attack on women using mobiles

Srinagar: A hitherto unknown militant group has sounded a warning to Kashmiri girls that if they don’t observe purdah (veil) and shun mobile phones, they will be killed or d...
isfigured by acid.
Handwritten posters of the group ‘Lashkar Al Qaeda’ and ‘Al Qaeda Mujahideen’ have surfaced at various places in the Shopian district of South Kashmir.
“We appeal to the people to ensure purdah of their girls. They should not allow their girls to go out of their homes without purdah. If we spot any woman without purdah we will sprinkle acid on her face,” read the posters of the group.
The militant outfit has asked the girls not to use mobile phones or they would be shot dead in the area. “If we spot any girl using mobile phone she will be shot dead instantly,” it group.
The outfit has issued ultimatum to the panches and sarpanches to resign within a week or face dire consequences.
“All panches and sarpanches should resign within a week’s time. They should go to mosque and publically apologize for their mistakes. They should also publish their resignation in newspapers and keep its copy with themselves. They should produce these copies whenever they are asked so. They should desist from resorting to any wrongful activity otherwise they would be killed,” according to the posters.
It is for the first time that the group by the name of “Lashkar Al Qaeda” and “Al Qaeda Mujahideen” has surfaced in Kashmir. No such group has existed in Jammu and Kashmir in the last 22 years of turmoil.
In May, Almushtraqa Lashkar-e-Tioba and Hizb-ul-Mujhadeen had named 13 people including a woman as people on their hit list. The hand-written posters have been issued by Abu Talha, district commander.
After Ranchi, its Kashmir militants threaten to muslim girls. Tomorrow it will comes to your door also

Pakistani Hindus arrive with horror tales

  • In the backdrop of a 14-year-old Hindu girl’s abduction in Pakistan’s Jacobabad city in Sindh province three days ago, a controversy erupted when a delegation of 150 Hindus was detained by Islamabad... for seven hours on Friday before being allowed to enter India for a pilgrimage. Head of related stories Harassed Hindus flee Pakistan: reports Zardari asks Sindh authorities to allay grievances of Hindus On visit to India, Pak Hindu families wary of media the delegation Anup Kumar said they were supposed to cross over to India in the afternoon, but their arrival was delayed because the Pakistani authorities were apprehensive that they may not return due to the law and order problems in the southern province of Sindh, where most of Pakistan’s estimated seven million Hindus live.

    Before leaving Pakistan, members of the delegation had to give an undertaking to the authorities that they would not seek asylum from the Indian government and would under all circumstances return to Pakistan within 30 days, Kumar said.

    He said Hindu families were not safe in Pakistan and kidnapping of young Hindu girls and brides at gunpoint by fundamentalists had become a routine affair. “There is no law and order in Sindh and the government is watching the activities of fundamentalists as a mute spectator.”
    Government officials in Delhi said it was too early for them to comment, particularly since decisions on visa and citizenship are taken on a case to case basis after inputs from security agencies.
  • Tuesday, August 7, 2012

    CPI (M)'s Kannur District Secretary's arrest on murder case

    CPI (M)'s Kannur District secretary P. Jayarajan was arrested by police. But the party will announced the Harthal and trying to save their leader. Onetime there central leadership saying the culprits were punnished, but on the otherway they are doing to save the culprits who are involved in various murder cases. It shows that CPI (M)'s central & State leaders are big liers and the keypersons of the party murder cases in Kerala. The poor innocent common people and the intellectuals are thinking that the CPI (M) is the biggest humanitarian party. It is very clear that CPI (M) is the most fascist/ Nazist / Stalinist / inhuman party in the world. Left the CPI (M) and follow the real human hroups in India, ie. the Hindutva sector.
    Communist Party of India (Marxist) district secretary P. Jayarajan arrested in the Shukkoor murder case has been denied bail as the local court dismissed his bail application. Jayarajan arrived at the office of the Kannur town circle inspector at 11.15 am accompanied by three MLAs and his lawyers for appearing for the third time in three weeks before the probe team as directed by it. Within minutes the team recorded his arrest and brought him out of the CI officer to be produced before the court.  Jayarajan was remanded in judicial custody for 14 days by the Kannur first class magistrate C. Mujeeb Rehiman. The magistrate denied him bail, which he moved on health ground and clarified that the jail authorities would ensure him all medical help. 28 persons were arrested in connection with the murder of Shukkoor, who was a 21-year old Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) worker, on February 23. The arrested are either CPM leaders or its active workers.  

    Saturday, July 28, 2012

    Tribute to Vishal Kumar (RSS / ABVP)

    Islamic dundamentalist group NDF goons (Campus Front, which was the new form of banned SIMI) murdered the RSS Nagar Sharirik Pramukh and ABVP Chengannur president Vishal Kumar (19) in Chengannur, Alappuzha district.
    Vishal Kumar, a BSc (Electronics) student, along with other ABVP activists had assembled in front of Chengannur Christian College to welcome newcomers on July 16, 2012.

    Assam Riots

    React against anti-Hindu movements in Assam.

    Sradhanjali to Vishal Kumar (RSS / ABVP)

    NDF goons murder RSS-ABVP worker
    NDF goons murdered the RSS Nagar Sharirik Pramukh and ABVP Chengannur president Vishal Kumar (19) in Chengannur, Alappuzha district.
    Vishal Kumar, a BSc (Electronics) student, along with other ABVP activists had assembled in front of Chengannur Christian College to welcome newcomers on July 16, 2012. As is the practice, every year, ABVP conducts Saraswati Puja at the college entrance, with pictures of Goddess Saraswati and Swami Vivekananda. A huge gang of Islamic fundamentalist group NDF-Campus Front (which was the new form of banned SIMI) goons who, barged in nine bikes and armed with swords, karate weapons, acid bulbs etc. shouting “We won’t tolerate saffron-flag holding dogs,” attacked the ABVP students. Vishal was stabbed in the stomach and several other ABVP activists were attacked. ABVP activists Sreejith and Vishnu Prasad are in serious condition in hospital. Vishal who was rushed to Kottayam Medical College Hospital expired on July 17.
    Look in the matter how the media in Kerala react on the murders of Vishal and V.P. Chandrashekaran. They are cornered the news about Vishal’s murders, because they are Muslims the powerful group in ruling Kerala Govt. React against the fundamentalist’s supporters in Govt., Media, Police, Intellectuals, Cultural leaders etc. 



    Assam Rioters and Bangladeshi Muslims have reached North Bengal from Kokrajhar. Red Carpet Welcome by WB CM & TMC. A sinister design to change WB demography.
    Islamic demon is out from secular bottle. Islamic insurgency in Assam enlarged the communal riot. Hindus must protect themselves. Oust Bangladeshi Muslims from India.

    Illegal Muslim Migrants are the main cause of Assam Riots. Assam under Islamic Seize within ‘Greater Bangladesh project’. Is Govt. of India sleeping senselessly?

    Assam riots: Fruits of living in denial over Bangladesh influx.

    Assam Riots Turn Ugly: 45 Killed, four lakhs Abandon Homes; Shoot-at-sight Order Issued

    In Assam 8 districts were majority people are illegal migrants Muslims from Bangladesh. They are very strong in more than half of districts in Assam. The native people in Assam were sidelined by these illegal migrants. They get full support from the ruling Congress Govt. for ugly and anti-national vote bank politics. This illegal Muslims were easily getting the Ration Cards, Voters ID, Indian Passport, land etc by the help of congress men. Remember that our Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan singh was declared that he was the permanent resident in Assam and became the Rajya Sabha member from Assam, then become the Prime Minister of India. In his state become the riots.  The attacks were on Friday night, after a group from Jayapur village, largely occupied by Muslims, allegedly killed four youth belonging to Bodo tribal community. The incident led to an all-out community war, followed by a series of clashes between the two groups. Fresh incidents of violence were reported from Fakiragram, Serfanguri, Narabari, Gossaigaon, Dotoma, Mokrajan and Tulsibari, the surrounding districts of Kokrajhar, wherein group of rioters reportedly attempted to set forbidden homes on fire.However, sources revealed that army's intervened and chased off the miscreants.
    "Inaction" in checking their entry into the country for vote-bank politics of Congress. Tarun Gogoi should immediately resign as Chief Minister, as he has failed to take appropriate steps to stop the violence.  
    BJP demands, “The deployment of Army and para-military forces is still very low.... It is only doing flag marches on main roads and not visiting the interiors. If that does not happen, confidence will not be built and people will not return to their homes."

    Friday, July 6, 2012

    Anna Hazare's strike against corrupted UPA Govt. Ministers

    Agitate against the corrupted ministers in Central UPA Govt. Support to Anna Hazare's agitation against corruption. It is very interesting that list published by Anna Hazare team of corrupted minsters of the Central Govt. of India will be included the Prime Minster Mr. Manmohan Singh & the Indian Presidential candidate Mr. Pranab Mukherjee also. Then who will take action against these corrupted people? Campaign for his hunger strike at Jantar Mantar from July 25 to August 8. Govt. denies permission for his strike ie they afraid his voice.
    By : Sudhir Neerattupuram

    Monday, June 18, 2012

    How much money is Mrs. Sonia Gandhi?

    Is it true? Sonai Gandhi has One lakhs Crore asset, says a German media. There is no doubt for this news. Where is the money got Nehru family from various corruptions like Maruti, Bofors, 2G Spectrum, etc? If there is any enquire taken place against Mrs. Sonia Gandhi? Any investigation team in India like CBI will search Sonia’s house, questioned her, collect the proofs of their unlawful activities. No..!! CBI is interested to take cases against L.K. Advani, Murali Manohar Joshi, Umabharati, Jayalalitha, Mayawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Laloo Prasad Yadav, Yediyoorappa, Jaganmohan Reddy, etc etc. They are very active to search their houses, offices, friends etc for evidences. But they didn’t look into the 10 Janpath Marg House!!! Find out the corrupted crores of money of Mrs. Sonia family from India and foreign countries and add it into our country account. Utilize it to uplift of poor Hindu community in India living in forests, colonies, slums, road sides etc. Sonia Gandhi family looting India and given full support to rich western Christian countries to convert Hindus to Christianity. They using Indian Government money also to given converted Christians. Act against the anti-Hindu activities of the Congress party/Govt. under Sonia’s leadership.

    Congress Govt. tries to cut-off the SC/ST reservation & given to Xians & Muslims

    The Supreme Court of India on 13th June 2012 denied the Central Government’s appeal to given the minority religions of Christian & Muslims of reservation 4.5% from SC/ST quota. Our constitution founder of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar very clearly states that the reservation for SC/ST is gave them for their social backwardness in Hindu community. After ten years it will re-consider for continue this reservation. After 1956, there is 56 years gone; now also the reservation system is continued and inserts more groups in it for congress party’s ugly vote bank politics. They are no any shame to insert the foreign based rich religions of Christians and Muslims including into SC/ST reservation system. They want to live the SC/ST community in poverty and strengthen and grown-up Christians and Muslims by the help majority community’s tax money. Congress persons are trying to take the last money/rights from the SC/ST’s beggar pot. Under the leadership of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, congress becomes the Christian Congress Party of India. She controls the Central Govt. and various congresses leading state Governments for the superiority of Christian priests/Mar Papa of Rome (Italy). They are trying to destroy the Hindu society in India and controlled by Western countries. In which country, the majority people are considered as slaves and second class citizens?
                So given the reservation facilities only to the real SC/ST sections and ban all reservations to the minority religions in the basis of religion. Also stop the huge concessions for Hajj travelers from India. No other countries included the Islamic countries given subsidy to their Hajj pilgrims. Only the Indian government (which was a Secularist country) who gave the subsidy of crores of rupees to Hajj pilgrims...!!! 
                Remember the Central Govt., Congress party, Sonia Gandhi, Dr. Manmohan Singh etc that Hindus in India are the majority people, they are the original people & heirs of this ancient country and don’t deal with them as a slaves and beggars. If they continue this disregard and contempt to Hindus like this, you will get the bad result in future. Meet it on next Loksabha Election held in 2014...!!!

    Saturday, June 9, 2012

    RSS persons were don’t get justice in Kerala

                In Kerala more than 200 persons from RSS and its affiliated organizations were murdered by Communists and Congress parties and its other alliance parties. One of the CPI (M)’s state committee Member Mr. M.M. Mani publically told that they are killed the opposite side leaders and workers, then adjustment with Police officers produce innocent party members. The original culprits were safe in party custody. Police were filed and produced bogus FIR, evidences, eyewitnesses and reports in the courts. Courts were accepting the police definitions and release all the arrested members. In Kerala the selfish, narrow minded, undemocratic ruling & opposite political parties, Police, Courts, Bureaucracy, Intellectuals, Journalist, media etc were against the patriotic, nationalist, honest RSS people. RSS men didn’t get the justice. If we search the cases of martyrs of RSS, all of the murderers were freed from court, except very few cases. If anybody punished they were released from jail by the report of State Ministries/Governors.
    Look on the cases of Murikumapuzha (Thiruvananthapuram Dist.), here 3 RSS men were killed by CPI (M) workers, all the murderers were freed. The same is happen on Parumala DB College (Thiruvalla), there 3 ABVP college students were killed by SFI, DYFI, CPI (M) workers, all the culprits were freed from court. Mr. Jayakrishanan Master, who is the State Vice President of Yuva Morcha (BJP) was killed by CPI (M) gundas (terrorists) in front of 36 primary school children. All the killers were freed by Supreme Court except one person, he also released by Govt. order. The list is very long. This happens because of the unlawful alliance between the CPI (M) and Police. CPI (M) continuing the killings in Kerala because they know that how escape from the law by the help of Government, Police and Court. If the original killers were punished by court, the political murders in Kerala were reduced. It didn’t happen. The CPI (M) leaders now also said that every time they producing the innocent party members in court. The party and police were join in hand and the ‘Adjustment Arrests’ were happens.
                So, RSS people were lost their faith in Government, police, courts, etc. In India the higher investigation team is CBI. But now a day we know that it becomes the B team of the ruling party. They worked under the Prime Minister. The PM India also named under corruption. See the cases against Mayawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Prasad Yadav, etc. When they shout against UPA Govt., the CBI will alert and take action against them. When they support UPA, the CBI will silent. Look in Andhra Pradesh, CBI take cases against Jagan Mohan Reddy. His father Rajashekara Reddy was two times Chief Minister in Andra Pradesh. At that time he collects more that 3500 crores of Rupees through corruption. The central Govt. didn’t take any action against him. After death of Rajashekara Reddy, his son Jagan Mohan Reddy asking the CM post, UPA rejected it and he left the Congress. At that time CBI will charge cases against him. The CBI on Aug 19, 2011, Friday frozen operation of 25 bank accounts in HDFC and ICICI belonging to some companies under question and also the Jagati publications. Now he strongly opposing Congress in AP and his new party was battle in the Bye-election. At that time he was arrested by CBI. This all incidents are proving that CBI was the Corrupted Bureau of India. It is the watch dog of UPA and Congress party.
                In India the all system was corrupted including courts. It is a dangerous real fact. We accept it and find new ways to get justice to everybody. This reason Anna Hazare and team will gets big support from ordinary people for anti-corruption movement. Now, one of the culprit named Rajeesh arrested for the involvement in T.P Chandrashekar murder case said that he was included in so many murder cases like Jayakrishnan Master, murder of 2 RSS workers in Mahi, T.P Chandrashekar murder etc. It will know the police also. But his name didn’t included any cases by the help of police and CPI (M) top leaders. BJP leaders were given his name for Jayakrishnan Master’s murder case. But the police refuse to charge against him. They named the innocent CPI (M) workers in charge sheet which was given by CPI (M). This police and CPI (M) adjustment is lead to escape the culprits from jail punishment. There also adjustment with CPI (M) and Congress leaders to save the CPI (M) killers. Both parties were see RSS/BJP is there common enemy. So if CPI (M) was killed RSS/BJP men, it was supported by Congress also. In Kerala there was the ruling of Congress and CPI (M) alternately. In state assembly BJP has didn’t get a single member. So every time police was ruled by CPI (M) or Congress. So the police also trying to appease these two parties and take wrong and illegal actions/cases against RSS/BJP organizations.
                If the present Mr. Oommen Chandy Govt. has any honest in law and order situation, he will initiate to re-investigate all political murders in Kerala included CPI (M) against RSS after 1967. Find out the original killers and back side master brains of CPI (M) top leaders with strong evidences and produce them in front of court and give them maximum punishment like hanging. Find out and punish the police officers, who are aligns with CPI (M) leadership, destroy the law and helps to escape the original Marxist criminals from court punishment.
                The present CPI (M)’s top state level and central level leaders especially from Kannur district are murders of RSS leaders; they are freed from law by the adjustment with police and courts. The State Secretary Mr. Pinaray Vijayan was involved in the murder of Vadickal Ramakrishnan (RSS) on 1969. CPI (M) threatening the eye witnesses, so nobody present the court. At that time Kerala was ruled by Marxists, the Chief Minister was Mr. E.M.S. Namboothirippad. So police also helping the killers. All the culprits were freed from court. 
                On 1979 CPI (M) killed Pannyannur Raveendran on the leadership of Thalassery MLA M.V. Rajagopalan Master. Sessions court punished 10 culprits included MLA. So M.V. Rajagopalan Master forced to resign his MLA position. By the help of the Govt., High Court freed all of them. M.V. Rajagopalan Master was the father-in-law of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan.
                On 1980 November 8th CPI (M) persons killed K. Satheeshan (RSS) in Thalassery. The main leader Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was named in police case. At that time he publicly speak in front of the Thalassery police station and said that if they want, they will make bombs in Police Station also...!! Later this killer becomes the Home Minister of Kerala...!!! He is now the Central Polit Bureau member of CPI (M). M.V. Jayarajan, P. Jayarajan, M.V. Raghavan, etc are the mastermind behind the all CPI (M) killings in Kerala. If the police and judiciary have honest and power in Kerala, please re-investigate all political murders and arrest the real killers and their mental, financial, political helpers from top level Marxist leaders in Kerala. Also take strong actions against Marxist supporters of police officials who are helps to escape the real Marxist Killers in various murder cases. Also raid in CPI (M) party villages where are occurring parallel rule and no entry to police and Indian law and order. Find out the party’s bombs, explosives, knifes, swords making centers. If police is not able to catch up and make under control the CPI (M) party villages, call the military. As a democratic, republic country, it is not allowed two rules. If it is continues, it ashamed for our integrity, dignity and autonomous.
    Sudhir Neerattupuram

    Friday, June 8, 2012

    Is Election Commission canceling the registration of CPI (M)?

    Communist Prty of India (Marxist) is the registered political party in India. It has responsibility to obey the Constitution, law and order in this country. At present party is publicaly destroying the laws. Its top leaders in Kerala including Polit Beaurau, Cenral Committee Members, MLAs, MPs, Ex-state Ministers were publically speeches against the democratic system in India and also they are ordered to their followers to attack police with Knife, stick, Chilly water etc. One of its Kerala State Committee Member and Idukkiy District Secretary Mr. M.M. Mani (now he is removed from his position) says in a public meeting the CPI (M) named 13 persons who are worked in other parties for killing. First 3 persons were killed. CPI (M) will know how to vanishing the active leaders and members of other parties and make dictatorship of CPI (M). They know to murder others and escape the CPI (M) killers with the help of police. They are adjustment with police given innocent party members as killers and after the court proceedings they were released. CPI (M) protects the party killers and arrested party members all expenses of their families and court. The famous criminal lawyers were present the court in behalf of CPI (M). So the most cases are collapsed. If the CPI (M), Police, Lawyers, Govt. agencies were strongly support CPI (M), then how the original CPI (M) killers were jailed and punished by Court? CPI (M) in Kerala also in Bengal murdered hundreds of poor people who were work in other parties and organizations like BJP, RSS, Congress, Muslim Leauge etc. They also kill their own ideological based parties like CPI, Naxalits, RSP etc. At present CPI leaders in Idukki district also give police complainst against CPI (M) for murder attempt. Now also CPI (M) leader’s speaking tune is that anybody were speek against CPI (M), they were killed by party members. They wants silent, nobody were speek against them. This is a very big problem in Kerala. The police registered a fresh case against CPM Idukki district secretary M.M. Mani, MLA K.K. Jayachandran and five other party workers on charges of murder and conspiracy in the Anchery Baby murder case.
                CPI (M) is violated the rules in India. So the Election Commission will take strong action against this undemocratic party. They are following the Stalinist dictatorship and Geebalsian publication. In public speech they are saying about democracy, humanity, human rights, media freedom, respect to opposition, freedom to express every thoughts, etc. But in actual history is against these things. Where CPI (M) is minority, there they speak about these big ideas. But, where they are majority or more power in that places they are using the Barbarian Stalinistic rule. They are surpressing all the opposition thoughts and activities. They are using phisicall and mental strength to shutup the mouths. The people will force to live as slaves. That kind of villages are run by party were working in Kerala named as Party Villages. There are no Govt. laws and rule was applied. They didn’t allow the police to enter these party villages in Kannur, Kasargode, Palakkad districts. This types of undemocratic activities and monopoly of CPI (M) is clear evidence to take action against this party.
                If Election Commission of India will enquire these matters, they will easily get so many evidences against CPI (M)’s anti democratic, unethical, facist moves. In Kerala police will gets so many proofs to explore the CPI (M) leader’s strong involvement in various murders in Kerala. There are so many press reports, TV reports, vedio cuttings etc. of CPI (M) leader’s speeches against law and order. At present, they are trying to threatening the common people, opposition party-social-intellectual-cultural leaders, police, press media who were oppose CPI (M)’s Stalinistic/facist attitude and anti social activities. They are trying to spread fear around the atmosphere. This is not allowed in India. A registered party is spreading fear and work like a draculla is not acceptable. So Election Commission will enquire this situation in Kerala and take immediate and strong action against CPI (M). It is very important to cancel the registration of CPI (M) as early as possible.

    Sudhir Neerattupuram    

    Thursday, June 7, 2012

    CPI (M)’s real face was open-up

        The Communist Party of India (Marxist) ie CPI (M) is the opposition party in Kerala (India). So many times they are the ruling party in Kerala. They are agreeing the Constitution of India and accept its rules and laws. When they winning in elections in State assemblies and Parliament, they are takes oath also. The party will get the right from Election Commission, because that they are agreeing to obey the law and order in the country. But now CPI (M)’s Kerala State Committee Member and also the Idukki District Secretary of CPI (M) Mr. M.M. Mani said that their party will list up the enemies of CPI (M) and kill them publically. He told in a public meeting that they were list up 13 other party members, First named person killed by Gun shooting, second one brutally killed by knife, third men was killed by beaten-up. A political party in a democratic country saying that they are killing opposition members to suppress their work and increasing the strength of CPI(M) with fear and barbarianism. The CPI (M) in India is presently living in Stalinist era. They didn’t accept any opposition sounds against there inhuman activities. Every time they are telling about the name of Humanity and the poor people. But in reality they are against the humanity and common poor people. When they achieve the political power, they are trying to destroy the opposition parties, intellectuals, journalists, human right members, etc.
              CPI (M)’s Kozhikode District Secretary files a case against the Medias in India. They are trying to soundless the media. But they are failed. So now they are trying to shut-up the media through Court. If they succeed in this attempt it is the big harm to the media freedom in India, because in India so many corruptions are happening. Medias are telling these incidents to the public. If media were blocked to publish the politicians criminal activities and anti social, anti national activities, who will tell the truth?
              CPI (M) wants to rule in India as a Stalin. They are talking publically that they are very open minded, humanist, etc. But they believe it in only when they are on opposition side. When they get the ruling power, they will destroy all the freedom.
              Recently party workers killed an Ex-Marxist leader Mr. T.P. Chandrasekharan, who was left CPI (M) and start a new party on the name of Revolutionary Marxist Party (RMP). His party will challenge the CPI (M)’s dictatorship in its strongholds like Onchiyam, Kannur, Kozhikode etc. On the Parliamentary election he is the candidate of RMP in Ottappalam constituency and gets more than 20000 votes. His credibility and honesty attracts thousands of CPI (M) members. They left CPI (M) and join with RMP. He also gets the silent support of Ex- Chief Minister, Ex-Polite Bureau member, Central Committee Member Mr. V.S. Achuthanandan. The present CPI (M)’s state committee is the opposing the views of V.S. Achuthanandan. At last the T.P. Chandrasekharan was brutally killed by his old friends ie. Marxists. Police were arrested so many culprits in this murder, all of them are Marxists local leaders and party members. T.P. Chandrasekharan’s wife complaints that there is strong connection with CPI (M)’s top leaders included CPI (M) State Secretary Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan. The founder member of CPI (M) and Ex Chief Minister of Kerala Mr. V.S Achuthanandan visit T.P. Chandrasekharan’s dead body and his house. He rejected the CPI (M) Central and State committees request to avoid the visit.
              CPI (M)’s are killing hundred of innocent people in Kerala, Bengal & Tripura in the name of party ideology. Most of them are very poor persons. On public the leaders were telling the humanity, freedom, human rights etc, on the other side they were sending there followers to kill the anti-Marxists. This double play was exposed. Now in Kerala the police were searching the original killers and leaders who are ordered to killing. If the criminal leaders will arrested it will help to come back peace in Gods Own Country, Kerala. Political murders were stopped. CPI (M) leaders were afraid about that they were arrested and produce in court and get the maximum punishment. M.M. Many says that CPI (M) kills the enemies and adjustment with police to produce innocent party members as guilty. After the long court cases they were released. They know how to kill enemies without proof and how to escape from the law. Party will give all facility to the arrested persons like good advocates, money helping to families, full facilities in jails etc. But now the police will take strong action against the killers and its brains. They arrested so many party local committee secretaries and leaders. Now they are reaching to the State level leaders. So CPI (M) trying to threatening the police officers and take aggressive agitations. Police take cases against the Ex State Minister Elamaram Kareem, M.M. Mani, Jayachandran MLA etc. So CPI (M) was trying to express the big lies and closes the media mouth. React against CPI (M)’s anti national, anti human, anti media, anti democratic movements.
    Sudhir Neerattupuram 

    Tuesday, June 5, 2012

    Is Baba Ramdev is honest to Hindus?

    Why RSS/BJP etc. will support Baba Ramdev?
                Baba Ramdev join with Anna Hazare for anti-corruption agitation. Baba Ramdev’s speech in Ramleela Maidan (Ground) clear that he will trying to appease the PM Mr. Manmohan Singh & Smt. Sonia Gandhi. So he early attended a converted Christians meeting and shouts for to give SC/ST Govt. funds and reservation packages to converted Christians also. It is harmful to Hindu SC/ST sections. If Govt. will agree to give SC/ST funds to converted Christians, it will increase the conversion of Hindus to Christians. Baba Ramdev’s this movement to appease Christians and also Sonia Gandhi. It is a great cheating to Hindus. He gave green signal to Christian missionaries to perform conversions of poor Hindus to Christianity.
                At present a big section of SC/ST were live in Hinduism, because they will get the various reservation facilities. They didn’t likes to lapse these reservations on the name of religion. So they were live in Hinduism and avoid converting to Christianity or Islam. So there are duplicate Hindus in this country. Now the Christian/Islam Missionaries were convert Hindus to there Religion very secretly and asked them to live in public as Hindu name on Govt. records and achieve all reservation facilities in the name of SC/ST, but actually they are Christian/Muslim. This cheating is espousing. Christian/Muslim missionaries were promise to converted Hindus they will give them good finance, food, shelter, job, education, high social status, etc etc. But actually they give the poor Hindus only bogus promises, when they converted from Hinduism to Christian/Muslim, then they will avoided. The missionaries will take all money they got from foreign countries on the name of conversion of poor Hindus. The innocent, illiterate poor Hindus will live under Christian/Muslim also poor. So the converted Hindus to Christian/Muslim now living in poverty, the responsibility for this poor condition are only the missionaries of Christian/Muslim. There is no need to Govt. help them by reservation. So the converted Christian/Muslims will not able to get the Govt. reservation. Christian/Muslim missionaries are getting huge crores of foreign money on the name of social works in India. They will fully distribute it to the converted Christian/Muslims. It will solve the financial problems of the converted Christian/Muslims. Government didn’t pay single paise to these converted Christian/Muslims. The cunning Christian/Muslim missionaries are trying to deposit there foreign money safely on their own accounts and use the Government money for conversion of Hindus. This cheating is not acceptable. Baba Ramdev is trapped in the Christian missionaries’ hidden agenda.
                Now, Baba Ramdev attends the Anna Hazare’s agitation against corruption on Jandar Mandir ground, New Delhi. On that meeting he publically praises the PM Mr. Manmohan Singh and asked them to avoid speaking the names of corrupted Central Ministers name including PM. It is very clear that he is some secret agreement with Congress party. He is trying to save the corrupted ministers in UPA Govt. His soften approach to congress is doubtful to his honesty. There is very big doubt is that he is a Trojan horse of Congress against Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement?
                Recently Baba Ramdev met BJP’s National President Sri. Nitin Gadkhari. His acts are so very doubtful. Is he playing double role in between UPA & NDA? Is he honest? He is trying to appease both UPA & NDA for protect his political, financial, organizational and personal interests. Baba Ramdev will hijack the anti-corruption agitations and he will destroy its credibility by his doubtful acts. So deal him with very carefully.

    Sudhir Neerattupuram

    Sunday, May 20, 2012

    Protect the village atmosphere, rivers, thods etc in Aranmula which was declare as the 2nd Traditional Village India ie. Aranmula by UNESCO. The land mafia and money greedy Congress party were trying to destroy the village on the name of International Airport in Aranmula.  It will affect the old temples in Aranmula and Sarpa Kaavs (Snake Houses), etc. So join against this Airport proposal and declaration of Industrial area in Aranmula which consists 2000 Acre land. This paddy lands will go to the land mafia and they will destroy the centurion traditionalism in Aranmula through life destroying Western modernism. SAVE ARANMULA!!! SAVE NATURE!!! SAVE OLD TRADITIONS!!!

    Thursday, March 1, 2012

    US Church baptizes Gandhi by proxy

    US Church baptizes  Gandhi by proxy

    A US church had posthumously baptized Mahatma Gandhi by proxy on March 27 1996, the affirmation of which by a researcher drew a sharp reaction from his grandson and others.
    Arun Gandhi, a grandson of Gandhi who lives in New York, told 'The Huffington Post 'that he was 'surprised' to hear about the posthumous baptism. 'It bothers me in the sense that people are doing something when a person is dead and gone and there is nobody to answer for that person. That’s not the right thing to do, 'he was quoted as saying. Arun, an activist who teaches nonviolence, also noted that his grandfather was against proselytizing of any kind, whether it involved Hindus or others.
    'He thought people must decide for themselves which religion they want to follow and they should follow that religion. Its not up to others to force them.
    He was respectful of all the religions.
    Gandhi was baptized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints, headquartered in Salt Lake City in Utah on March 27, 1996; the confirmation of which was completed on November 17, 2007 at Sao Paulo Brazil Temple, according to researcher Helen Radkey.
    Gandhi was baptized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints, which is more popularly known as Mormon Church, one of the fastest growing churches in the US. Mitt Romney, the leading Republican Presidential hopeful; Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; and John Huntsman, former US ambassador to China, are among the few top Mormons.
    Radkey, who has now been excommunicated by the Mormons, made the revelation in e- mail to Nevada- based Hindu activist, Rajan Zed. In the email, Radkey said she had viewed the record on baptism of Gandhi but it had since disappeared and was no longer available in the database of the church.
    Incidentally, Hindus do not mark death as the end of existence but rather believe in a cycle of birth and death. To perform proxy baptism to a Hindu is 'deeply offensive 'because of the belief in rebirth, said Suhag Shukla, cofounder of the Hindu American Foundation and now its managing director and legal counsel.
    'In Hinduism, each of us is innately divine, which is diametrically opposed to this concept that we are innately sinful and need to accept Jesus as our savior in order to cleanse our soul,’ she said in an interview.
    'Hindus do not believe there is only one way to salvation.'
    By : Sudhir Neerattupuram