Saturday, June 9, 2012

RSS persons were don’t get justice in Kerala

            In Kerala more than 200 persons from RSS and its affiliated organizations were murdered by Communists and Congress parties and its other alliance parties. One of the CPI (M)’s state committee Member Mr. M.M. Mani publically told that they are killed the opposite side leaders and workers, then adjustment with Police officers produce innocent party members. The original culprits were safe in party custody. Police were filed and produced bogus FIR, evidences, eyewitnesses and reports in the courts. Courts were accepting the police definitions and release all the arrested members. In Kerala the selfish, narrow minded, undemocratic ruling & opposite political parties, Police, Courts, Bureaucracy, Intellectuals, Journalist, media etc were against the patriotic, nationalist, honest RSS people. RSS men didn’t get the justice. If we search the cases of martyrs of RSS, all of the murderers were freed from court, except very few cases. If anybody punished they were released from jail by the report of State Ministries/Governors.
Look on the cases of Murikumapuzha (Thiruvananthapuram Dist.), here 3 RSS men were killed by CPI (M) workers, all the murderers were freed. The same is happen on Parumala DB College (Thiruvalla), there 3 ABVP college students were killed by SFI, DYFI, CPI (M) workers, all the culprits were freed from court. Mr. Jayakrishanan Master, who is the State Vice President of Yuva Morcha (BJP) was killed by CPI (M) gundas (terrorists) in front of 36 primary school children. All the killers were freed by Supreme Court except one person, he also released by Govt. order. The list is very long. This happens because of the unlawful alliance between the CPI (M) and Police. CPI (M) continuing the killings in Kerala because they know that how escape from the law by the help of Government, Police and Court. If the original killers were punished by court, the political murders in Kerala were reduced. It didn’t happen. The CPI (M) leaders now also said that every time they producing the innocent party members in court. The party and police were join in hand and the ‘Adjustment Arrests’ were happens.
            So, RSS people were lost their faith in Government, police, courts, etc. In India the higher investigation team is CBI. But now a day we know that it becomes the B team of the ruling party. They worked under the Prime Minister. The PM India also named under corruption. See the cases against Mayawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Prasad Yadav, etc. When they shout against UPA Govt., the CBI will alert and take action against them. When they support UPA, the CBI will silent. Look in Andhra Pradesh, CBI take cases against Jagan Mohan Reddy. His father Rajashekara Reddy was two times Chief Minister in Andra Pradesh. At that time he collects more that 3500 crores of Rupees through corruption. The central Govt. didn’t take any action against him. After death of Rajashekara Reddy, his son Jagan Mohan Reddy asking the CM post, UPA rejected it and he left the Congress. At that time CBI will charge cases against him. The CBI on Aug 19, 2011, Friday frozen operation of 25 bank accounts in HDFC and ICICI belonging to some companies under question and also the Jagati publications. Now he strongly opposing Congress in AP and his new party was battle in the Bye-election. At that time he was arrested by CBI. This all incidents are proving that CBI was the Corrupted Bureau of India. It is the watch dog of UPA and Congress party.
            In India the all system was corrupted including courts. It is a dangerous real fact. We accept it and find new ways to get justice to everybody. This reason Anna Hazare and team will gets big support from ordinary people for anti-corruption movement. Now, one of the culprit named Rajeesh arrested for the involvement in T.P Chandrashekar murder case said that he was included in so many murder cases like Jayakrishnan Master, murder of 2 RSS workers in Mahi, T.P Chandrashekar murder etc. It will know the police also. But his name didn’t included any cases by the help of police and CPI (M) top leaders. BJP leaders were given his name for Jayakrishnan Master’s murder case. But the police refuse to charge against him. They named the innocent CPI (M) workers in charge sheet which was given by CPI (M). This police and CPI (M) adjustment is lead to escape the culprits from jail punishment. There also adjustment with CPI (M) and Congress leaders to save the CPI (M) killers. Both parties were see RSS/BJP is there common enemy. So if CPI (M) was killed RSS/BJP men, it was supported by Congress also. In Kerala there was the ruling of Congress and CPI (M) alternately. In state assembly BJP has didn’t get a single member. So every time police was ruled by CPI (M) or Congress. So the police also trying to appease these two parties and take wrong and illegal actions/cases against RSS/BJP organizations.
            If the present Mr. Oommen Chandy Govt. has any honest in law and order situation, he will initiate to re-investigate all political murders in Kerala included CPI (M) against RSS after 1967. Find out the original killers and back side master brains of CPI (M) top leaders with strong evidences and produce them in front of court and give them maximum punishment like hanging. Find out and punish the police officers, who are aligns with CPI (M) leadership, destroy the law and helps to escape the original Marxist criminals from court punishment.
            The present CPI (M)’s top state level and central level leaders especially from Kannur district are murders of RSS leaders; they are freed from law by the adjustment with police and courts. The State Secretary Mr. Pinaray Vijayan was involved in the murder of Vadickal Ramakrishnan (RSS) on 1969. CPI (M) threatening the eye witnesses, so nobody present the court. At that time Kerala was ruled by Marxists, the Chief Minister was Mr. E.M.S. Namboothirippad. So police also helping the killers. All the culprits were freed from court. 
            On 1979 CPI (M) killed Pannyannur Raveendran on the leadership of Thalassery MLA M.V. Rajagopalan Master. Sessions court punished 10 culprits included MLA. So M.V. Rajagopalan Master forced to resign his MLA position. By the help of the Govt., High Court freed all of them. M.V. Rajagopalan Master was the father-in-law of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan.
            On 1980 November 8th CPI (M) persons killed K. Satheeshan (RSS) in Thalassery. The main leader Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was named in police case. At that time he publicly speak in front of the Thalassery police station and said that if they want, they will make bombs in Police Station also...!! Later this killer becomes the Home Minister of Kerala...!!! He is now the Central Polit Bureau member of CPI (M). M.V. Jayarajan, P. Jayarajan, M.V. Raghavan, etc are the mastermind behind the all CPI (M) killings in Kerala. If the police and judiciary have honest and power in Kerala, please re-investigate all political murders and arrest the real killers and their mental, financial, political helpers from top level Marxist leaders in Kerala. Also take strong actions against Marxist supporters of police officials who are helps to escape the real Marxist Killers in various murder cases. Also raid in CPI (M) party villages where are occurring parallel rule and no entry to police and Indian law and order. Find out the party’s bombs, explosives, knifes, swords making centers. If police is not able to catch up and make under control the CPI (M) party villages, call the military. As a democratic, republic country, it is not allowed two rules. If it is continues, it ashamed for our integrity, dignity and autonomous.
Sudhir Neerattupuram

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