Thursday, June 7, 2012

CPI (M)’s real face was open-up

    The Communist Party of India (Marxist) ie CPI (M) is the opposition party in Kerala (India). So many times they are the ruling party in Kerala. They are agreeing the Constitution of India and accept its rules and laws. When they winning in elections in State assemblies and Parliament, they are takes oath also. The party will get the right from Election Commission, because that they are agreeing to obey the law and order in the country. But now CPI (M)’s Kerala State Committee Member and also the Idukki District Secretary of CPI (M) Mr. M.M. Mani said that their party will list up the enemies of CPI (M) and kill them publically. He told in a public meeting that they were list up 13 other party members, First named person killed by Gun shooting, second one brutally killed by knife, third men was killed by beaten-up. A political party in a democratic country saying that they are killing opposition members to suppress their work and increasing the strength of CPI(M) with fear and barbarianism. The CPI (M) in India is presently living in Stalinist era. They didn’t accept any opposition sounds against there inhuman activities. Every time they are telling about the name of Humanity and the poor people. But in reality they are against the humanity and common poor people. When they achieve the political power, they are trying to destroy the opposition parties, intellectuals, journalists, human right members, etc.
          CPI (M)’s Kozhikode District Secretary files a case against the Medias in India. They are trying to soundless the media. But they are failed. So now they are trying to shut-up the media through Court. If they succeed in this attempt it is the big harm to the media freedom in India, because in India so many corruptions are happening. Medias are telling these incidents to the public. If media were blocked to publish the politicians criminal activities and anti social, anti national activities, who will tell the truth?
          CPI (M) wants to rule in India as a Stalin. They are talking publically that they are very open minded, humanist, etc. But they believe it in only when they are on opposition side. When they get the ruling power, they will destroy all the freedom.
          Recently party workers killed an Ex-Marxist leader Mr. T.P. Chandrasekharan, who was left CPI (M) and start a new party on the name of Revolutionary Marxist Party (RMP). His party will challenge the CPI (M)’s dictatorship in its strongholds like Onchiyam, Kannur, Kozhikode etc. On the Parliamentary election he is the candidate of RMP in Ottappalam constituency and gets more than 20000 votes. His credibility and honesty attracts thousands of CPI (M) members. They left CPI (M) and join with RMP. He also gets the silent support of Ex- Chief Minister, Ex-Polite Bureau member, Central Committee Member Mr. V.S. Achuthanandan. The present CPI (M)’s state committee is the opposing the views of V.S. Achuthanandan. At last the T.P. Chandrasekharan was brutally killed by his old friends ie. Marxists. Police were arrested so many culprits in this murder, all of them are Marxists local leaders and party members. T.P. Chandrasekharan’s wife complaints that there is strong connection with CPI (M)’s top leaders included CPI (M) State Secretary Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan. The founder member of CPI (M) and Ex Chief Minister of Kerala Mr. V.S Achuthanandan visit T.P. Chandrasekharan’s dead body and his house. He rejected the CPI (M) Central and State committees request to avoid the visit.
          CPI (M)’s are killing hundred of innocent people in Kerala, Bengal & Tripura in the name of party ideology. Most of them are very poor persons. On public the leaders were telling the humanity, freedom, human rights etc, on the other side they were sending there followers to kill the anti-Marxists. This double play was exposed. Now in Kerala the police were searching the original killers and leaders who are ordered to killing. If the criminal leaders will arrested it will help to come back peace in Gods Own Country, Kerala. Political murders were stopped. CPI (M) leaders were afraid about that they were arrested and produce in court and get the maximum punishment. M.M. Many says that CPI (M) kills the enemies and adjustment with police to produce innocent party members as guilty. After the long court cases they were released. They know how to kill enemies without proof and how to escape from the law. Party will give all facility to the arrested persons like good advocates, money helping to families, full facilities in jails etc. But now the police will take strong action against the killers and its brains. They arrested so many party local committee secretaries and leaders. Now they are reaching to the State level leaders. So CPI (M) trying to threatening the police officers and take aggressive agitations. Police take cases against the Ex State Minister Elamaram Kareem, M.M. Mani, Jayachandran MLA etc. So CPI (M) was trying to express the big lies and closes the media mouth. React against CPI (M)’s anti national, anti human, anti media, anti democratic movements.
Sudhir Neerattupuram 

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