Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Is Baba Ramdev is honest to Hindus?

Why RSS/BJP etc. will support Baba Ramdev?
            Baba Ramdev join with Anna Hazare for anti-corruption agitation. Baba Ramdev’s speech in Ramleela Maidan (Ground) clear that he will trying to appease the PM Mr. Manmohan Singh & Smt. Sonia Gandhi. So he early attended a converted Christians meeting and shouts for to give SC/ST Govt. funds and reservation packages to converted Christians also. It is harmful to Hindu SC/ST sections. If Govt. will agree to give SC/ST funds to converted Christians, it will increase the conversion of Hindus to Christians. Baba Ramdev’s this movement to appease Christians and also Sonia Gandhi. It is a great cheating to Hindus. He gave green signal to Christian missionaries to perform conversions of poor Hindus to Christianity.
            At present a big section of SC/ST were live in Hinduism, because they will get the various reservation facilities. They didn’t likes to lapse these reservations on the name of religion. So they were live in Hinduism and avoid converting to Christianity or Islam. So there are duplicate Hindus in this country. Now the Christian/Islam Missionaries were convert Hindus to there Religion very secretly and asked them to live in public as Hindu name on Govt. records and achieve all reservation facilities in the name of SC/ST, but actually they are Christian/Muslim. This cheating is espousing. Christian/Muslim missionaries were promise to converted Hindus they will give them good finance, food, shelter, job, education, high social status, etc etc. But actually they give the poor Hindus only bogus promises, when they converted from Hinduism to Christian/Muslim, then they will avoided. The missionaries will take all money they got from foreign countries on the name of conversion of poor Hindus. The innocent, illiterate poor Hindus will live under Christian/Muslim also poor. So the converted Hindus to Christian/Muslim now living in poverty, the responsibility for this poor condition are only the missionaries of Christian/Muslim. There is no need to Govt. help them by reservation. So the converted Christian/Muslims will not able to get the Govt. reservation. Christian/Muslim missionaries are getting huge crores of foreign money on the name of social works in India. They will fully distribute it to the converted Christian/Muslims. It will solve the financial problems of the converted Christian/Muslims. Government didn’t pay single paise to these converted Christian/Muslims. The cunning Christian/Muslim missionaries are trying to deposit there foreign money safely on their own accounts and use the Government money for conversion of Hindus. This cheating is not acceptable. Baba Ramdev is trapped in the Christian missionaries’ hidden agenda.
            Now, Baba Ramdev attends the Anna Hazare’s agitation against corruption on Jandar Mandir ground, New Delhi. On that meeting he publically praises the PM Mr. Manmohan Singh and asked them to avoid speaking the names of corrupted Central Ministers name including PM. It is very clear that he is some secret agreement with Congress party. He is trying to save the corrupted ministers in UPA Govt. His soften approach to congress is doubtful to his honesty. There is very big doubt is that he is a Trojan horse of Congress against Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement?
            Recently Baba Ramdev met BJP’s National President Sri. Nitin Gadkhari. His acts are so very doubtful. Is he playing double role in between UPA & NDA? Is he honest? He is trying to appease both UPA & NDA for protect his political, financial, organizational and personal interests. Baba Ramdev will hijack the anti-corruption agitations and he will destroy its credibility by his doubtful acts. So deal him with very carefully.

Sudhir Neerattupuram

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  1. Sudhir,

    I understand your emotions. But you are unable to see the big picture. Why are Muslims and Christians able to convert other religion people so successfully? Because they have money to spread their mission. Where is all the money coming from ? Christian countries are rich and Saudi Arabia is also rich (because of Oil wealth).

    Now this Black money movement of Baba Ramdev will effectively make Christian countries poor because their strong economies are based on our Black money stored in their banks. If we are able to eradicate India's black economy, US and Europe will become poor and India will become rich then we will have money to convert foreigners to Hinduism. Baba Ramdev is working with a well planned strategy which ordinary people are unable to understand. He aims at spreading Yoga, AYurveda and Indian culture throughout the world. Imagine if Baba Ramdev forms a govt that brings back the black money, India will become rich and Indian culture will spread to other countries.

    Please support Baba Ramdev in the Black money mission. To understand how Black money affects our culture and religion, check this out http://uttishthabharata.wordpress.com/2012/05/12/india-black-america-white-money/