Monday, June 18, 2012

Congress Govt. tries to cut-off the SC/ST reservation & given to Xians & Muslims

The Supreme Court of India on 13th June 2012 denied the Central Government’s appeal to given the minority religions of Christian & Muslims of reservation 4.5% from SC/ST quota. Our constitution founder of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar very clearly states that the reservation for SC/ST is gave them for their social backwardness in Hindu community. After ten years it will re-consider for continue this reservation. After 1956, there is 56 years gone; now also the reservation system is continued and inserts more groups in it for congress party’s ugly vote bank politics. They are no any shame to insert the foreign based rich religions of Christians and Muslims including into SC/ST reservation system. They want to live the SC/ST community in poverty and strengthen and grown-up Christians and Muslims by the help majority community’s tax money. Congress persons are trying to take the last money/rights from the SC/ST’s beggar pot. Under the leadership of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, congress becomes the Christian Congress Party of India. She controls the Central Govt. and various congresses leading state Governments for the superiority of Christian priests/Mar Papa of Rome (Italy). They are trying to destroy the Hindu society in India and controlled by Western countries. In which country, the majority people are considered as slaves and second class citizens?
            So given the reservation facilities only to the real SC/ST sections and ban all reservations to the minority religions in the basis of religion. Also stop the huge concessions for Hajj travelers from India. No other countries included the Islamic countries given subsidy to their Hajj pilgrims. Only the Indian government (which was a Secularist country) who gave the subsidy of crores of rupees to Hajj pilgrims...!!! 
            Remember the Central Govt., Congress party, Sonia Gandhi, Dr. Manmohan Singh etc that Hindus in India are the majority people, they are the original people & heirs of this ancient country and don’t deal with them as a slaves and beggars. If they continue this disregard and contempt to Hindus like this, you will get the bad result in future. Meet it on next Loksabha Election held in 2014...!!!

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