Friday, June 8, 2012

Is Election Commission canceling the registration of CPI (M)?

Communist Prty of India (Marxist) is the registered political party in India. It has responsibility to obey the Constitution, law and order in this country. At present party is publicaly destroying the laws. Its top leaders in Kerala including Polit Beaurau, Cenral Committee Members, MLAs, MPs, Ex-state Ministers were publically speeches against the democratic system in India and also they are ordered to their followers to attack police with Knife, stick, Chilly water etc. One of its Kerala State Committee Member and Idukkiy District Secretary Mr. M.M. Mani (now he is removed from his position) says in a public meeting the CPI (M) named 13 persons who are worked in other parties for killing. First 3 persons were killed. CPI (M) will know how to vanishing the active leaders and members of other parties and make dictatorship of CPI (M). They know to murder others and escape the CPI (M) killers with the help of police. They are adjustment with police given innocent party members as killers and after the court proceedings they were released. CPI (M) protects the party killers and arrested party members all expenses of their families and court. The famous criminal lawyers were present the court in behalf of CPI (M). So the most cases are collapsed. If the CPI (M), Police, Lawyers, Govt. agencies were strongly support CPI (M), then how the original CPI (M) killers were jailed and punished by Court? CPI (M) in Kerala also in Bengal murdered hundreds of poor people who were work in other parties and organizations like BJP, RSS, Congress, Muslim Leauge etc. They also kill their own ideological based parties like CPI, Naxalits, RSP etc. At present CPI leaders in Idukki district also give police complainst against CPI (M) for murder attempt. Now also CPI (M) leader’s speaking tune is that anybody were speek against CPI (M), they were killed by party members. They wants silent, nobody were speek against them. This is a very big problem in Kerala. The police registered a fresh case against CPM Idukki district secretary M.M. Mani, MLA K.K. Jayachandran and five other party workers on charges of murder and conspiracy in the Anchery Baby murder case.
            CPI (M) is violated the rules in India. So the Election Commission will take strong action against this undemocratic party. They are following the Stalinist dictatorship and Geebalsian publication. In public speech they are saying about democracy, humanity, human rights, media freedom, respect to opposition, freedom to express every thoughts, etc. But in actual history is against these things. Where CPI (M) is minority, there they speak about these big ideas. But, where they are majority or more power in that places they are using the Barbarian Stalinistic rule. They are surpressing all the opposition thoughts and activities. They are using phisicall and mental strength to shutup the mouths. The people will force to live as slaves. That kind of villages are run by party were working in Kerala named as Party Villages. There are no Govt. laws and rule was applied. They didn’t allow the police to enter these party villages in Kannur, Kasargode, Palakkad districts. This types of undemocratic activities and monopoly of CPI (M) is clear evidence to take action against this party.
            If Election Commission of India will enquire these matters, they will easily get so many evidences against CPI (M)’s anti democratic, unethical, facist moves. In Kerala police will gets so many proofs to explore the CPI (M) leader’s strong involvement in various murders in Kerala. There are so many press reports, TV reports, vedio cuttings etc. of CPI (M) leader’s speeches against law and order. At present, they are trying to threatening the common people, opposition party-social-intellectual-cultural leaders, police, press media who were oppose CPI (M)’s Stalinistic/facist attitude and anti social activities. They are trying to spread fear around the atmosphere. This is not allowed in India. A registered party is spreading fear and work like a draculla is not acceptable. So Election Commission will enquire this situation in Kerala and take immediate and strong action against CPI (M). It is very important to cancel the registration of CPI (M) as early as possible.

Sudhir Neerattupuram    

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