Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Its Kashmir: Miltants threaten acid attack on women using mobiles

Srinagar: A hitherto unknown militant group has sounded a warning to Kashmiri girls that if they don’t observe purdah (veil) and shun mobile phones, they will be killed or d...
isfigured by acid.
Handwritten posters of the group ‘Lashkar Al Qaeda’ and ‘Al Qaeda Mujahideen’ have surfaced at various places in the Shopian district of South Kashmir.
“We appeal to the people to ensure purdah of their girls. They should not allow their girls to go out of their homes without purdah. If we spot any woman without purdah we will sprinkle acid on her face,” read the posters of the group.
The militant outfit has asked the girls not to use mobile phones or they would be shot dead in the area. “If we spot any girl using mobile phone she will be shot dead instantly,” it group.
The outfit has issued ultimatum to the panches and sarpanches to resign within a week or face dire consequences.
“All panches and sarpanches should resign within a week’s time. They should go to mosque and publically apologize for their mistakes. They should also publish their resignation in newspapers and keep its copy with themselves. They should produce these copies whenever they are asked so. They should desist from resorting to any wrongful activity otherwise they would be killed,” according to the posters.
It is for the first time that the group by the name of “Lashkar Al Qaeda” and “Al Qaeda Mujahideen” has surfaced in Kashmir. No such group has existed in Jammu and Kashmir in the last 22 years of turmoil.
In May, Almushtraqa Lashkar-e-Tioba and Hizb-ul-Mujhadeen had named 13 people including a woman as people on their hit list. The hand-written posters have been issued by Abu Talha, district commander.
After Ranchi, its Kashmir militants threaten to muslim girls. Tomorrow it will comes to your door also

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