Monday, September 26, 2011

BJP's role for future

BJP Leaders will go to grass route level &
Act against Corruption, Price rise etc.

Congress led Central Government faces so many problems, but BJP didn’t utilize it properly. The oil price rise and corruption are the main problems in this country. The commons men/women are very seriously affected it and angry against the ruling parties like Congress. It is a golden chance to use the people’s anti-congress attitude for the rise of BJP. I thinks that BJP leaders are now looks only the media. If they shout against Congress through media, they thought that their duty is over. There is only speeches and no action. So those who act against the government on street, there is huge support from people. It is the best example of satyagrahas of Swami Ramdev and Anna Hazare, who gets the unbelievable public support.

            When the oil companies are increases the price of petroleum, there is only heard the press conference speeches from BJP leaders. Except, Kerala BJP held a Kerala State Harthal on Sptember 17, 2011 against the petroleum price hike. Why BJP didn’t lead a Bharat Harthal on this issue? Or at least held strong continuous agitations in all states, BJP lead states (Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh etc) and New Delhi?

            If BJP introduces the strong agitations against Congress led Central Government all through the country. It will get the support of people on every section. All people from every religion, cast, language, men, women, SC/ST/OBC, rural, urban, BPL, APL will follows the BJP’s strong strike against corruption, price rise, unemployment, poverty, landlessness etc.

            BJP leaders will travel across the country’s every corner and spread the anti-government attitude on people that will help the election on 2014. Don’t believe only media coverage. They didn’t represent the whole people living in backward areas in India. The BJP leaders directly approach the villagers’ and touch with their hearts. The grass-root political work will help the election win.

            At first make unity in party and leaders. Don’t speak the leaders on different tone. If there is no unity in BJP party, then how party will unite the whole country against congress. So avoid the personal short sights and think widely and work for the good and healthy future of our Bharatmata. Different views and complaints are only express in the party meeting and avoid express it on media. It is harmful to the good future of party and Bharat.

            Don’t allow to hijack the political issues to pseudo social activists, foreign based religious & NGO groups, naxalits etc. BJP will reach all corner of the country and spread its national views to the common people who are politically, socially, ethically, religiously avoided. Expand the political basement from Delhi to remote villages. So given the mantra to all BJP leaders to go to villages and work with them and not only in AC rooms in towns. This will help to achieve the India’s rule. Don’t waste time to discuss who is the future Prime Minister? It is the matter arises only when BJP will win the election. Don’t allow the media to discuss it for spread anti-BJP attitude on people. On 2004 and 2009 everybody discuss on BJP’s Prime Minister Post, but what happens BJP dramatically fail on the election. Don’t repeat the same history again.

            Try to spread a message that BJP is the only common people’s party, who are nationalist, patriotic, honest, etc. A positive attitude is helps BJP for its good future. If BJP leaders will try to aware the people on their originality and strength, they were support BJP. Start a all India movement/agitation against the corrupted ruling Congress Central Government  and pressurize them to resign the government and conduct a new election otherwise built-up a new BJP led government in central. So expand the political basement of BJP in new areas and also find out new strong allies in various states. In this way expand the political strength of BJP. People in India were angry against the corrupted Congress. They want an immediate change in centre. This situation is help to BJP. There is a bright future for BJP, if they will utilize it cleverly and honestly.

Sudhir Neerattupuram

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