Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kejriwal is walking the path to destruction

Read article of Mr. TVR Shenoy "Kejriwal is walking the path to destruction". It is very clearly mention that Aravind Kejriwal is a fox minded man. He is FAKE,CHEATER what about foreign funds to APP ? Kejriwal used Anna Hazare's name for collecting money? He got divided from Anna, Anna kicked him from his team? yet he is not rising his voice against terrorism of Muslims ? AAP was formed by
Congress with only 2 objectives in mind. 1. To weaken Team Anna. 2. To create some party which can split opposition votes in the same was as Raj Thakrey MNS did in Maharashtra in 2009. While Raj Thakrey had his voters carved out of existing Shiv Sena votes, in Delhi AAP will have to build its own vote base as it is not carved out of any existing political party. Even if AAP is able to secure huge votes in each constituency, it will be a major setback to BJP in terms of number of seats won. But now AAP is loosed its credibility and fame. People in India knew that they are trying to come back of corrupted UPA in Central and block the BJP's chance to rule India. Kejriwal's real face was open up. Read the article on given below link :

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