Sunday, May 18, 2014

AAP leader Aravind Kejriwal's political dramas

The big political actor & liar AAP leader Aravind Kejriwal comes to Varanasi on train. Before his election date in Varanasi he travels in Trains, Auto Rickshaw and also criticizing Narendra Modi for his travel in Helicopter. After the election Kejriwal return to Delhi on Flight..!!! After election AAP leader's Gandhi cap also disappeared.....!!! We never see this type of Great Ideologists…???!!! He digs in holy Ganga River, but after election results he disappeared. Early he argued that he will defeat Modi in Varanasi. Poor guy….!!! AAP did not get a single seat in Delhi, his own state Haryana, UP etc. They got only 4 seats from Punjab. 

In Kerala after the election date on 2014 April 12, the AAP State Secretary Adv. Anil Aikkara was suspended from the party. He is the AAP candidate of Kottayam and he gets 26342 votes. Am Admi Party Candidate Files Complaint against AAP Leaders of Idukki District. am Aadmi Party's Lok Sabha candidate in Idukki, Silvi Sunil, has lodged a written complaint with the city police commissioner, accusing five of her party colleagues (Vinoj, Shybu Augustine, Saji, Thanzeer and Suneer) of making defamatory comments against her, mental trauma. She also complained that she was mentally and physically humiliated by party leaders.
Aswathy Nair, a social activist working among street urchins and downtrodden for the last six years and AAP candidate says the party is no different. Shortlisted as a candidate from Alappuzha (Alappey) she withdrew at the last moment after she was shifted to the neighboring Kollam seat without her consent. She said, “I was shocked when I got monetary offers, that too from foreign countries, to shift to Kollam. I was told by one Jackson Peter that I will be offered a good amount for swapping the seat,”
This is the actual face of AAP.

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